News Update: After 2 year's of sending amazing historical letters, Letter Library will be closing down.

We'll be sending further communications on how we'll handle closing current subscribers subscriptions at the new year.

What is Letter Library

Twice per month Letter Library sends subscribers letters written by historical giants, so anyone can experience being a correspondent of history. 

From Einstein's letter to FDR which jump started the Manhattan project to Alexander Hamilton's fiery exchanges with Aaron Burr leading to his fateful duel, you'll have the words that created history right at fingertips.

How It Works

Twice a month you'll receive a letter written by a historical figure in the mail, and along with each comes a synopsis of the events surrounding it. Each letter is a word for word copy of the original printed on aged paper so it looks and feels like the real thing. And with each synopsis, our researchers dive deep into the history of each letter so it's easy to understand the author's perspective.

Interested in seeing an example letter? Check one out here.

All Periods of History

We send letters from all eras of history ranging from Rome to the English Revolution to the American Civil War and more. Our archives hold the letters of many types of characters such as: artists, inventors, rebels, presidents, pioneers, and everything in between. 

People have been sending letters to each other for thousands of years and we want to make sure our subscribers can read as diverse a selection of letters as possible. A few of the historical figures you’ll receive letters from are Ben Franklin, Galileo, Beethoven, Lincoln, and Amelia Earhart to name a few.